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Hi! I'm Krystal, Owner at Krystal DeBord Wardrobe & Interiors Styling. 

I am a Wardrobe Stylist and Interior Stylist and Decorator. The diversity of my career keeps me inspired and excited! The creative facets of my business are strikingly similar in many ways and carry from one to the next with ease. Engaging millions of consumers for a corporation or a family of 4 in a home, it's all in creating a style specifically tailored for each client. I believe style is style whether it be worn, on a stage or in a home.  

The vast knowledge and experience I have gained working on such a variety of projects in every style imaginable, with countless different clients and personalities during my career, has shaped who I am as a decorator and stylist now. I share all that expertise in every venture I encounter. 

I have an innate ability to understand my clients' wishes and bring their vision to life...or help them realize that vision. I am straight forward and honest. I am creative, passionate and driven. To say I'm detail oriented is quite the understatement. It's all in the details! 

So background? My love of fashion and interior design since childhood led to my career in Styling and Decorating. The journey began with a solo move from the Midwest to sunny SoCal to style fashion shows, style wardrobe and set dress for sports tradeshows worldwide, then evolving into work with major editorial and advertising campaigns. In more recent years, I've been continuing my passion for decorating in creating stunning, unique interiors for home owners. Designing beautifully fresh spaces has presented a new energy and joy in my 30+ year career journey! And for all of those years, I have proudly owned my own company. 

My clients' happiness is my best reward. That's really what it's all about. Let's chat about your project and bring you some happiness!


As each client has individual needs, contact Krystal for bookings and quotes.

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